A dedicated group of Healthcare professionals and consultants committed to provide the latest European treatment and Chinese technologies to the less fortunate and under-privileged citizens of the world.

•Euro Asia Med-O-Dent Ltd. is a Global organization of health care professionals and consultants who have individually and collectively acquired 60 years of experience and knowledge of planning, designing, equipping, operating and maintaining health care facilities from a single doctor's office to multi story, multi-disciplinary hospitals, surgical centres, diagnostic imaging centres, cancer treatment centres, dental centres and biomedical service and maintenance stations on turn key basis.

•Medodent is a principal health care consulting company focusing mainly on the planning, designing, equipping, administration, management and after sale service and maintenance of complete projects i.e. hospitals, diagnostic imaging and cancer treatment centres etc.

• Medodent has a unique combination of clinicians, diagnosticians, oncologists, radiation therapists, medical researchers, physicists, medical technologists, planners, designers, architects, biomedical engineers, administrators, and project managers. This unique combination of knowledge and experience has given an edge to MOD to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

• Medodent’s prime goal is to promote and implement the acquired American technology and expertise in making treatment available to the less fortunate citizen of this world who are dying in millions because of lack of treatment facilities in their respective countries.

• Medodent Engineering division sells New, Pre-Owned and re-manufactured hospital equipment ranging from kick buckets to surgical tables, ultrasounds, Mammography systems, CT. Scanner, MRIs, Angio-cath labs, dental suites, and biomedical parts and after sale service and maintenance. Since MOD purchases equipment directly from the owners, worldwide, we are able to offer THE BEST selection of pre-owned equipment at the most competitive prices. Most of our equipment is re-manufactured at a PDA approved facility and it is accompanied by one-year FREE warranty like new equipment. We support our sales with unparalleled on-site service and maintenance worldwide around the clock.

• Medodent takes pride in delivering EXCELLENT quality, DEDICATED performance and OUTSTANDING customer care. These ingredients indeed enabled MOD to meet or exceed the expectations of their valued clients all around the globe.